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How To Use This Website

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The New Media Trend Watch website is a service developed by the European Travel Commission for all its member organisations and the wider tourism industry. It monitors data on internet usage in 56 countries across the world, focussing specifically on travel and tourism.

The site is updated once a week and draws together data from over 70 sources into one easily navigable site. It contains dedicated sections for each country on the use of broadband and mobile devices, travel industry developments and demographics.

Top Navigation

The top navigation bar shows the main sections of the site. The content is organised by region: world (World Overview), continent (Regional Overview) and country (Markets By Country). The most recently added content is shown in the Latest News section.

Country or region sections with a lot of content have an index of articles in the left-hand column. Use this index to navigate your way around the section.

The text immediately beneath the top navigation bar tells you where you are on the site.

The two remaining items on the top navigation bar are Graphs & Statistics and Miscellany.

Graphs & Statistics gives you the opportunity to create graphs using some of the statistics on the site. See the Graphs & Statistics page for more information on how to do this.

Miscellany: these are lists ranking, for example, countries by the number of interest users or showing a list of white papers, reports or events. They will be added to frequently.

Right Column

The four boxes on the right of the screen link you to other services provided by the New Media Trend Watch.

  1. Resources
    Links to other content such as white papers and research studies.

  2. Search
    The New Media Trend Watch is searchable! Type in your query and click on enter.

    The results page then allows you to refine your enquiry, specifying searches using all words, any words or an exact phrase. You can also ask for the results to be ranked in a particular order: newest first, oldest first, most popular, alphabetical, section/category. And you can specify which parts of the site should be searched: articles, web links, contacts, categories, sections and news feeds.

  3. Upcoming Events
    This box highlights the two events closest to the time of your visit to the New Media Trend Watch.

  4. Most Popular
    The most-read content items are shown in this list.

Coloured Banner Blocks

The banners highlight individual subjects or partners, linking to the relevant page or external website.

Bottom Navigation

The bottom navigation bar shows a number of 'organisational' or administrative items.

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  • Related Links: Links to the main sources of data used by the NMTW and to ETC members' sites
  • About ETC: Information on ETC, its members and its activities
  • Disclaimer
  • Site Map
  • Contact Us: Send us your queries and comments on the site
  • Copyright


Information in New Media Trend Watch is collated for the European Travel Commission by TEAM Tourism Consulting. Sources used are generally freely available via the internet and are all acknowledged wherever possible.

ETC acknowledges that all copyright in all materials originated by third parties remains with those third parties, and users' attention is specifically drawn to the Copyright Notice and Disclaimer sections.

Over seventy different sources are consulted regularly and relevant findings are collated into world and regional overviews, individual country pages and into the Latest News section.

The graphs are driven by figures compiled into a database. As statistics are gathered from various sources, there can be significant discrepancies between figures. Where such discrepancies occur, the various sources are compared and a considered judgement is made as to which figures are more reasonable. If you would like to have further information on the figures used within New Media Trend Watch, please get in touch using the Contact Us form.

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