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Usage Patterns

Total Online Population (000's) in 2012: 36,455
Percentage of Population Online in 2012: 45.7%


There were 36,455,000 internet users in Turkey (representing 45.7% of the population) in mid-year 2012 (June 30, 2012), according to Internet World Stats. (Internet World Stats, October 2012)

Of Europe's 372 million unique visitors, Turkey accounted for 23.1 million unique visitors during August 2011, according to comScore. Turkey ranked third in engagement with users spending an average of 32.7 hours online consuming 3,706 pages per month, the highest consumption amongst all countries reported. (comScore, October 2011)

UGC and Social Networking

In Turkey, 23 million consumers spent a total of 45.3 billion minutes on the internet during August 2011, according to comScore. Facebook was the most engaging site with 13.1 billion minutes spent on the site, accounting for 28.8% of all time spent online during the month. International sites Facebook, Microsoft Sites (4 billion minutes) and Google Sites (3.9 billion minutes) took the top three spots with the remainder made up of local Turkish sites. (comScore, October 2011)
89% of the Turkish online population consumed online video in February 2011 and watched an average of 144 videos per person totalling 14.8 hours of viewing time during the month, according to comScore.

Online video engagement showed significant differences by age and gender. Males between the ages of 15-24 viewed 200 videos each, accounting for an average of 20.8 hours of online video viewing during the month, while females in this age group viewed just 12 hours and watched 122.5 videos on average. Online video appealed least to females over 55 years of age, who only spent 8.4 hours watching 91.1 videos per viewer during the month.

Social networking site Facebook is not only among the leading web destinations in Turkey, but it also ranked as the most popular destination for online video with 17 million viewers in February 2011.

During the month, viewers watched nearly 792 million videos on Facebook, for an average of 46.6 videos per viewer in February 2011. Google Sites ranked second, largely driven by viewers of YouTube videos, with 15.4 million unique viewers and 690 million videos watched during the month. ranked third with nearly 14.9 million unique viewers, followed by the largest Turkish platform Nokta Medya. More than 7 million Turkish internet users watched a total of 43.6 million online videos from  (ComScore, April 2011)
16.6% of internet users over 15 years old in Turkey use Twitter in March 2011, according to comScore Media Metrix. Comscore estimated that Turkey ranked 8th in the top countries in internet penetration for (comScore, April 2011)   

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