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Tourism research is a fast-developing field. More than 70 sources are consulted in the publication of New Media Trend Watch. Many of these companies and organisations produce detailed reports and studies offering tourism marketers invaluable information on developments in the marketplace.

ETC is also a respected publisher of tourism research. Its Market Intelligence Group of national tourism organisations' research directors runs an extensive programme that includes market studies and profiles, best-practice handbooks and public seminars. Some of this work is co-funded by the World Tourism Organization as part of a formal partnership agreement between the two organisations.

This page links you to details of the latest research done on the topics listed below. These are all commercial publications available for purchase and we tell you how to obtain copies. Our emphasis throughout is on highlighting those reports of real practical value to the tourism industry.

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  • Methodology
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  • Consumer Trends
  • Online Travel
  • Internet Trends
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